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Washington DC is a cultural mecca for those who love art, architecture, history and a classy environment. Being the capital of our great country this place has a lot to offer so it is important to properly organize your schedule before visiting such an inviting place.To quickly mention just a few of the places which are “a must see” we will quote the following:The Lincoln Memorial which is located at the west end of the National Mall (also a must see), this great landmark offers several view points of the city and it is highly regarded due to its profound historic value.The Vietnam veterans memorial which is also an important landmark which is meant to engrave in our memories the 58 thousand Americans which died or went missing during the tragic events of the Vietnam war.Washington’s National Cathedral which is open to worshipers of all denominations is the sixth largest cathedral in the world and due to its unique gothic architecture is quite an attraction which also offers great views of the surroundings.The National Air and Space Museum where all kinds of aircraft designs as well as the finished planes can be found, this is ‘a must’ if you have children who are big fans of planes. For those who are big fans of Star Trek, the original model of the “Enterprise” space ship can be explored.There are literally dozens of places which deserve to be quoted but since there are so many places to go to, you will definitively need a way to get around in style without having to rely on taxi cabs every time you want to see a different attraction, not to even mention that in the long run it will be expensive.For those who are planning to visit our nations capital, the best way to get around is by limousine. If you live in a place where limousine transportation is not that common don’t worry, Washington D.C. is an extremely classy place to be and it’s also the place where the White House is found, so it is not rare to see many people using Washington DC limo transportation to ride comfortably and in style, and if you think about it there are several advantages such as having a courteous and knowledgeable driver who knows his way around the city as well as the safety it represents not having to drive after a few drinks.Whether you are going for pleasure or if you were invited to a Wedding, are assisting a Convention or are traveling due to business you owe it to yourself to stop by some of the most beautiful and meaningful attractions Washington DC has, as well as enjoying of stylish transportation. Also, remember that when hiring a Washington DC limo service it is important to know whether these services will cover Multi-city transportation since not only Washington DC has great attractions but neighboring cities are also quite picturesque.

Travel Tips for Dog Owners – Travel tips

Summer means vacation time. Bringing Fido along on vacation can sometimes be more of a challenge than people expect. From deciding whether to take the family road trip or to be jet-setters, making plans for your canine companion is part of many people’s vacation planning. There are several options for your pets while you are taking a vacation, anywhere from leaving them at home to bringing them along.Should he stay or should he go?Depending on your dog’s health, temperament, where you will be going and the options for your pet there, you will need to plan for your pet during your vacation. There are many hotels and motels that are pet friendly, although some may charge a small (or not so small) fee for your dog staying with you in the room. If you are going to be taking a trip which most of your activities would be dog friendly, taking your dog along is a good option. However, if you are planning a second honeymoon or another type of trip that would involve leaving your dog alone in a strange room, looking for a trusted caregiver might be the best option for you.If you decide that your trip is not really in yours or your dog’s best interest, you can have your pet tended at a local kennel. (Make sure and do your homework about the kennel beforehand.) If your pet suffers from separation anxiety or is otherwise a nervous sort, you may want to hire a pet sitter or leave your dog with a trusted friend or family member. If you go with a pet sitter, this can be a person that comes and stays in your home with your pet or comes by several times per day to feed and walk your dog. Make sure to establish this routine for a few weeks ahead of time so that your dog will feel less anxious.If you decide to take your pet, it is advisable to have your pet travel without eating (hydration is important though). Using a dog crate designed for travel is important for your dog’s safety. The crate should be large enough for your dog to stand up and turn around in, and should be comfortable for your pet. Putting a favorite blanket and toy can ease the anxiety that your pet may feel while travelling. Small pets can often travel in the cabin of an airplane; check with your airline ahead of time.Whether you decide to take your pet or leave it at home, with the proper preparations the stress on your dog can be minimized. As the motto of the Scouts is “Always Be Prepared,” so does the smart pet owner at vacation time.

Travel Tips in Visiting Austria – Travel tips

One of the most visited countries in Europe is the country of Austria, and it is no wonder to see why. Apart from its breathtaking landscapes and sceneries, travelers visiting the country of Austria are treated to an endless array of brilliantly designed buildings and palaces. It is also the home of the waltz and the famous child prodigy and classical music master Mozart. Indeed, the country of Austria is a jewel that every person must visit at least once in their entire life.Austria is also known for its rich cultural heritage. This could be seen on the pride that the locals have for its brilliant palaces and buildings, their love for the Waltz and their homage to the classical composer and child prodigy Mozart. Whether you are traveling to Austria alone, with friends or with your family, here are just some helpful tips to make you get the most out of your trip to this magnificent country.Public TransportationWhen to GoIn fact, if you are traveling on a budget, buses and trains are the best way to get around the country without blowing your budget. Instead of paying each time to you board a bus or train, avail of an unlimited travel pass the moment you arrive at the airport or from your local travel agency. These passes, ranging from all-day passes to as long as 30 days, would allow you not just to go around the country of Austria. It is also accepted in most major cities all over Europe, allowing you the chance to travel to the other parts of the continent as well.If you have some extra cash to spare, you can also opt to rent a car while you are visiting Austria. Like the unlimited passes, car rentals can be booked well in advance. Most of the well-known car rental companies have branches here in Austria and reservations can be made over the Internet. You can also inquire with your local travel agent about car reservations being included in your package if you are getting a packaged tour from them since these are given at a discounted rate.Austria is a cosmopolitan city and as such, there is a wide variety of different modes of transportation that you can avail of during your stay. Buses and trains are ideal if you are visiting the country of Austria for the very first time. Apart from taking you to the major tourist spots within a particular city, these buses and trains would also take you to and from one major city to the next at regular schedules. You can avail of all-day and weekly passes from your local travel agent prior to your trip. These passes provide you unlimited access to buses and trains that go through the country, making it ideal if your itinerary involves you traveling from one major city in Austria to another.There are a number of different places to stay in Austria, depending on your budget. Hotel accommodations are numerous throughout the country, but they could be quite expensive if you book it directly with them. The average cost of a hotel accommodation with breakfast is between 50 and 60 per night. You can try going to your local travel agent who may be able to provide you with a reservation at a hotel of your choice at a discounted rate.Austrian traffic authorities are extremely strict. Make sure that you adhere to all of the rules and regulations of the country with regards to driving in order to save you the inconvenience of having to pay a fine, which can be rather costly. For example, when driving, make sure that you keep your headlights open, even in the day time. Failure to do this can mean you having to pay a fine of 15.

China Travel Tips – Travel tips

Beijing is the capital city of China, which is also the center of economy, politic, culture. Beijing is one of the top two cities in China for China travel (the other one is Shanghai). If you would like one city with mountain and nature beauty, I will tell you, Beijing, Shanghai will not be your favorite. Guilin perhaps will be your best choice for a China holidays. If you do not want to be regretful for your China trip, and you do not have special needs, like Muslim and temple interests. I will recommend the following essential destinations for your China Travel.1. Great Wall of China: There are many sections of Great Wall China. I think the sections in Beijing will be enough for your Great Wall hiking. If you want to kave a long-time hiking on it, I will suggest simatai section. IF you do not have enough time for hiking, badaling section and mutiianyu section will be suitable.2. Forbidden City: Forbidden City is also named Palace Museum, which is the place for the Qing emperors. Forbidden city is located at the city center of Beijing. You can get into it at Tian’anmen. This is one place that you should not miss for a China travel. You will know more about Chinese history through it.3. Summer Palace: Summer Palace is the largest imperial gardens in China.4. Yangtze River: You can take one Yangtze river cruise to see the three yangtze gorges.5. Guilin: You can go to Yangshuo to see the old town. Guilin is named as the paradise of heaven in China.6. Xian: If you want to know more about China history, I think Xian will be the best place for you. Xian is the capital in many dynasties of old China.If you have more time, you can go to visit Chengde summer resort, Luoyang penny, Hangzhou west lake and Suzhou gardens.

Hassle-Free and Enjoyable Travel Tips – Travel tips

Traveling is a great way to be relieved from all the stress a busy person is undergoing. When work seems to be so heavy and you feel you need to release all the tension from your job, going on a trip is a good idea to unwind.Here are some useful tips to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and memorable vacation. Follow them and everything will turn out fine.o Plan. A person who wants to go out on a vacation should know where he wants to go, and the duration of his trip in terms of days, weeks or months.
o Research about the place you will visit. This will give you the heads-up in the activities that you could enjoy in the area, and give you added security.
o Create a checklist of all the sites you intend to visit.
o Tell your travel agent your expectations in your trip. Remember that their job is to make the most out of your vacation.
o When arranging for an online booking, it is important for you to shop around first. Don’t make deals on the first agent you see. Be careful of the websites pretending to have the lowest travel rate. Know what you are paying for before clicking “ok.”
o In reserving for an airline ticket or hotel accommodation, it is recommended to purchase directly from their website. Some airlines and hotels reward their customers with discounts when buying directly from their sites.
o Make arrangements ahead of time. If you want to explore popular attractions, entrance tickets are in demand and might not be available on the day of your trip.
o Don’t exceed the baggage limits allowed in airlines. Save space for the souvenirs you will be bringing home from your vacation.
o Arrive at the airport early. Be there at least 2 hours before the departure time.
o Pack early and make sure you didn’t forget your necessities. Make sure you are in compliance with the airline rules.
o Be informed about the general rules and laws of your destination.
o Lastly, enjoy your trip. Maximize your vacation and take lots of photos as souvenir.

Frugal Travel Tips For Road Trips – Travel tips

What better way for the frugal traveler to stretch both her budget and her vacation allotment than by taking road trips during long weekends? Here are some of my top tips to reduce that cost even more.Keeping The Cooler Cool Packing an accessible cooler full of drinks and snacks is a great cost reducing option. To maximize cooler space, instead of filling with ice, freeze water bottles and low filled beverages (including drinking boxes, makes a healthier juice slushy). No more soggy sandwiches or spilled water in the backseat.Eating Where The Truckers EatFor longer road trips, travelers may have to look outside the cooler for a meal. Instead of haunting the usual fast food chains, keep an eye out for any local roadside restaurants with transport trucks parked outside. When truckers find a spot with good, affordable meals, they tell their buddies.Note: Just because the sign says truck stop, doesn’t mean the truckers stop. The vehicles never lie.Keeping The Kiddies EntertainedThis is a trick I’ve stolen from my Mom. Whenever we went on a long road trip, she would dig out the coloring books and crayons. That may not seem exciting except it was…to us. During a road trip was the only time we were allowed a new coloring book.Updated for today’s kid, keep a few toys or video games only for use on road trips. This could be a brand new toy or a favorite. The novelty of the toy will keep kids busy and looking forward to the long car rides.Prepping The VehicleRoad trips mean relying on your vehicle so prep work is essential. Check all fluids, oil, antifreeze/coolant, windshield washer solvent (for the bugs all road trip vehicles collect). Check the tires, ensuring that they are properly inflated and in good condition. Check all belts and hoses, looking for wear and tear.AAA Or Other Vehicle Assistance ProgramsFrequent road trippers should consider an AAA or other vehicle assistance program membership, especially if they have an older vehicle. One tow and the membership pays for itself. Plus no scrambling for local mechanics/tow trucks.One of the benefits that I love about AAA is their TripTiks which are route maps complete with information such as road works (very helpful during the summer road work season) and rest stops. There are even blurbs on each town passed.Road trips are a great way to see more local destinations and to stretch the travel budget.

Summer Travel Tips – Make Your Summer a Fun Filled One – Travel tips

Summer is regarded as the best season you can have your vacation. It’s the best time you can spend travelling without having to worry about being in the midst of a punishing weather. But despite the fact that the weather is perfect for your getaway, there still seem a few factors as to why some trip does not look like an enjoyable undertaking.Vacations are supposed to be a relaxing and fun activity, not an exhausting and disappointing event. To avoid going through an unperfected summer vacation, it is a must that you make plans ahead of your departure. Whether you are travelling with your friends, family, or your special someone, you have to be well prepared to prevent you and your company from panicking when you’re on your way to your destination.Make a checklist relative to the things that you need to bring. It makes you certain that you do not forget anything important. You do not have to bring tons of your belongings. Take only the basics so it will not be hard for you to carry your stuff during the trip. Do not forget to bring sun protection items, like sun screen, sunglasses and head pieces. When you get sunburned, you’ll definitely become irritated and your entire summer vacation wouldn’t be as blissful as you want it to be. Also, prior to reaching your destination, be sure that you’re armed with ideas that can keep you well entertained. Do not be a couch potato or spend the whole day lying on your bed. Explore the location and take part in the exciting activities available. Capture each moment with your camera to remind you of how wonderful this vacation has been.Make your summer vacation a fun filled one by having an organized plan. This way, the trip will surely leave a smile in your face even when you’re on your way home.

World Safest Places – Tips on Travel – International Travel Tips – Travel tips

Of late we all come across many horrifying news like natural disasters etc. We have searched the safest places for all the travelers to visit. But remember, no place in the world is 100% safe and free of danger.Andorra:
Andorra is a tiny place hidden in the eastern Pyrenees which is surrounded by spectacular and pristine valleys, mountains and scenery, bordering France and Spain. This is one of the oldest nations in Europe. This is one of the most peaceful places and people here live for an average of 83 years to 84 years because of the least stress levels. If you are a peace lover and if you like a place which is so quiet, then this is the right choice.Greenland:
Greenland, Denmark is a peace loving city and has the least crime rate and ill-will towards foreigners is virtually unknown, as long as you follow the basic rules, common sense and etiquette.Seychelles:
Seychelles may be the only safest destination in Africa but you have to protect yourself from mosquitoes that carry lot of virus. Although there is low threat from terrorism, the tourists should still be careful about the random global terror attacks.St. Barthelemy:
St. Barthelemy is certainly the safest island in the Caribbean and it has virtually no crime rate at all (except the tiny thefts). You can walk around in this place at any time (night/day) without any fear as there are no muggers or robbers to hassle you. The roads in St. Barthelemy are very steep and narrow and one should be careful while driving around.Macau’s:
Macau has lots to offer all its tourists – exotic restaurants, the best resorts and lots of casinos that make the nightlife vibrant and interesting. It is a very safe place for all the tourists as the crime rate is as low as zero.New Zealand:
According to international standards, New Zealand is comparatively a safe country but not free of crime. However, like in any other place, the tourists must be cautious at nights and must spend more time in the well lit and crowded areas. If you are planning to travel far distance at night, it is better to take a taxi.Taiwan, Ireland, Japan, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland and Cyprus are also few of the safest destinations to travel. However, there is no certainty on the natural calamities or the unexpected disasters and one must be well prepared for all the uncertainties.

Travel Tips for a Busy Businessman – Travel tips

Trotting around the globe can be a lot of fun and adventure as you get to explore and dig many of the treasures of this world. Sadly, it turns out to be often miserable and tedious for a businessman, who struggles between his time and goals. Being an avid traveler can be a misery for businessmen around the globe as the next trip comes up even before the current one finishes.Let’s learn some of the valuable ways in which businessmen can make their traveling more fruitful and less tiring.1. Pack sensiblyAs an avid traveler, it is essential to be aware of the company policies regarding the baggage charge. To keep yourself away from hassles and inconvenience, it is advisable to carry luggage to the minimum. Pack the essentials and if you must carry an extra bag, let it be small enough to fit on top your main bag.2. The earlier, the better!The traffic situations can often get unpredictable and awful. Don’t let yourself be a victim of that. Try to check in at the earliest so that you can avoid any disappointments. If you witness a crowded waiting area; it is advisable to sit near the boarding gate. This helps you to stay updated. Even if you decide to take a power nap, you can set yourself an alarm a few minutes before the gates close.3. Choose the right clothesAs a business man, you are often stuck between carrying extra clothes because of the need to look smart every direction you head towards. When packing, it falls in your favor if you pack light and wear the more space consuming items. Traveling can be hectic so don’t take the extra pain of dragging unnecessary items.4. Do some homework before travelingOften you land at a destination knowing nothing about it. To avoid the feeling of being an alien, it is helpful to go an extra mile and do your homework. When you are settled in the waiting lounge, ready to board, you should utilize your time. Research some of the basic things you need to know about your travel destination. It is also helpful for you to learn the basic phrases spoken in the destination you are about to land to. This helps you to communicate and navigate, and also creates a good impression!5. Expect the worstYou are often advised to be optimistic, but being a business traveler it helps if you expect the worst to happen. This helps you to plan your best and be prepared for every tough situation that might come your way. Traveling can be a very uncertain experience, but if you plan well it can be a successful venture for you. Only when you expect things to happen, you can embrace them quickly.

Mexico Travel Tips You Must Know – Travel tips

Traveling to Mexico soon? Here are my top seven best tips:1) Research your destination, but DON’T over plan
It is always good to know what your options are while you’re there, and if there are any particular concerns and security issues related to your destination. Part of the fun of travel is letting things loose and unfold and being open to opportunities that come up.2) Practice general safety precautions
As a tourist always be aware of thieves and pickpockets. Always be aware of your belongings and you loved ones, don’t trust anyone and don’t at any point share all the details of your travel plan.3) Learn a few phrases in Spanish before you go
It is good to know some Spanish phrases like Gracias (Thank you), Por favor (Please) and in resort areas you’ll find most people speak at least some English. Always be prepared! Learn a few essential phrases in advance.4) DO not drink water from the tap
Check for a sign in your hotel proclaiming that the tap water is purified, until then don’t drink it. Buy bottled purified and mineral water to drink – it’s available on virtually every street corner and inexpensive and safe. Most hotels and resorts provide bottles of water for your consumption in the hotel.5) Use sunscreen
Sunburn early in your trip can make you trip uncomfortable for the duration. Sun is usually very strong in Mexico, so it is advised to use sunscreen on any exposed skin, even if you’re not on the beach. It is said that, you can get a sun burn even on an overcast day.6) Beware of scams
In beach resort areas there are chances that you may be approached with offers of attending a timeshare presentation. Some of these are legitimate (genuine) and others are not. Unless you are really interested in a genuine timeshare, skip the free meal or excursion offered along with a timeshare presentation. It is always to know everything before you commit to anything, so think twice before committing whatever be the offer.7) Keep the open mind of a traveler explorer and go with the flow
Try new things; make sure that it is safe before you go for it. Explore all must visit places, do some adventurous stuff as well you will remember it for a long time and you will surely enjoy it.
Enjoy your time there and have a good trip to remember.