Goa Travel Guide: Safety Travel Tips to Follow – Travel tips

Have you decided to party with your friends? What is the main thing that excites you? Of course, it should be beach vacation. Goa, Caribbean Islands, Florida and Miami are excellent beach destinations perfect for vacation. If you have planned to visit Goa, you need to remain alert to the nightlife, people, culture, crowd and everything around Goa. Ensure to follow these instructions to enjoy a safe beach vacation.Do not indulge in beach surfing at late evening or night:You would have come to Goa to enjoy beaches and adventurous activities. It is not advisable to indulge in surfing during night times. Sometimes, you would find the entire beach dark or without lights. There are chances for you to get into serious trouble. As you have come as a tourist, you would find lots of suspicious and unfamiliar faces. Act smart.Ignore complete strangers:Recently, it has been reported that Goa is prone to lots of eve teasing incidences and thefts. The tourist authorities are focusing on Goa safety concerns. If you are travelling as a solo woman, ensure to get along with good team of friends. They will accompany you throughout the trip. You can remain safe from the unknown crowd.Travel in groups:Goa is popular for its nightlife. However, there are chances for you to get attracted towards unnecessary things like misleading companies, rave parties, alcohol, drugs, etc. It is best to travel with your friends. They will stay by your side and you do not hand to step into legal crimes. When you join with a group of friends or known people while travelling to Goa, you can enjoy a best unforgettable trip. Also, ensure to avoid travelling by walk during the night. It is good to book a cab. Most travel dangers in Goa happen on the roads.Do not drink everywhere:If you are a moderate drinker, it is best to avoid trying new dishes and tastes at all food outlets. In some situations, liquor can cause food poisoning. You need to be alert when it comes to eating and drinking in Goa. Do not eat anything or everything you come across. It can result in severe hangover and bad health conditions. If you are not sure about taste, consequences and the brand, it is better to avoid.Do not swim if you are drunk:Guess, the above statement does not require much explanation. When you swim in drunken status, you will lose grip in high tides. There have been occurrences of natural sinking at the Goa beaches. Many times, youngsters due to their overly flowing adrenaline indulge in adventurous activities. It ends up serious or fatal. Remain safe. Stay away from water if you have drunk.Do Not Walk in Swim Suits or Bikinis:Goa is a traditional place. The local crowds are not used to casual dressing standards followed by the western or urban tourists. If you are wearing good decent clothes, you will not find much difficulty. But, if you try to wear something that is apt to your urban culture, it can invite goons and even teasers. It is waste of time and energy to fight with those people. If you vacate the place in a safe manner, you will not end up in any risks.Some people will wish to wear their bikini or swimsuits during their Goa trip. Well, it is best to choose private spaces, secluded beaches and less popular beaches in Goa. You can wear clothes as you wish and also remain safe. Hope, you have got a clear idea regarding Goa beaches. Enjoy your trip by booking your Goa tour packages in advance. Ensure to share these tips with other travel buddies. Happy holidays!