Traveling Tips – How To Keep Your Luggage Secured – Travel tips

Lost luggage or stolen luggage can happen in different parts of the world. Your luggage encases your important belongings. You would not want to be left with nothing because your bag got lost or stolen.To keep your luggage secured, here some of the tips you would want to know:Tip 1: Choose a luggage bag with secure features. You would want to look for double zippers or locking mechanisms that will prevent other people from opening your bag unsuspectingly.Tip 2: Label all your belongings. Place an identification tag most especially to your checked luggage. Make sure you indicate your name and the destination of the bag. Just in case it got lost or it boarded another plane, the airline can easily rectify the blunder. Also leave contact details.Tip 3: Also place individual labels to the pouches or bags inside your main luggage. Experts also suggest printing out your travel itinerary and placing it inside the bag just in case the identification tag found outside gets misplaced. The airline can still trace the luggage easily.Tip 4: Upon checking your luggage out, do not leave it attended. When hailing a cab to take you to your hotel, ask uniformed employees of the airline to help you out. Do not trust someone to carry the bags unless they are really employed by the company or the hotel you are staying.Tip 5: Before traveling, arrange for a service car to pick you up at the airport. Most hotels offer this service to clients for an extra charge. This is convenient for those traveling with more than 2 luggage bags. It will be easier to keep track of your bags if you hired a service car rather than if you commute.Tip 6: Always keep the checked luggage receipt with you. This will serve as an additional proof for you. You can present this to the airline just in case you have a case of missing luggage.Tip 7: Get the customer service contact details of the Airline Company. List it in your planner or phonebook so you can easily call if there are any problems.Tip 8: The fewer bags you bring with you, the easier it is to keep track of them. Buy a good-sized bag that can accommodate your belongings during your stay in the place. Avoid bringing expensive items.Tip 9: Avoid wearing flashy jewelry when traveling. You could become the object of interest of local thieves.