China Travel Tips – Travel tips

Beijing is the capital city of China, which is also the center of economy, politic, culture. Beijing is one of the top two cities in China for China travel (the other one is Shanghai). If you would like one city with mountain and nature beauty, I will tell you, Beijing, Shanghai will not be your favorite. Guilin perhaps will be your best choice for a China holidays. If you do not want to be regretful for your China trip, and you do not have special needs, like Muslim and temple interests. I will recommend the following essential destinations for your China Travel.1. Great Wall of China: There are many sections of Great Wall China. I think the sections in Beijing will be enough for your Great Wall hiking. If you want to kave a long-time hiking on it, I will suggest simatai section. IF you do not have enough time for hiking, badaling section and mutiianyu section will be suitable.2. Forbidden City: Forbidden City is also named Palace Museum, which is the place for the Qing emperors. Forbidden city is located at the city center of Beijing. You can get into it at Tian’anmen. This is one place that you should not miss for a China travel. You will know more about Chinese history through it.3. Summer Palace: Summer Palace is the largest imperial gardens in China.4. Yangtze River: You can take one Yangtze river cruise to see the three yangtze gorges.5. Guilin: You can go to Yangshuo to see the old town. Guilin is named as the paradise of heaven in China.6. Xian: If you want to know more about China history, I think Xian will be the best place for you. Xian is the capital in many dynasties of old China.If you have more time, you can go to visit Chengde summer resort, Luoyang penny, Hangzhou west lake and Suzhou gardens.