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Of late we all come across many horrifying news like natural disasters etc. We have searched the safest places for all the travelers to visit. But remember, no place in the world is 100% safe and free of danger.Andorra:
Andorra is a tiny place hidden in the eastern Pyrenees which is surrounded by spectacular and pristine valleys, mountains and scenery, bordering France and Spain. This is one of the oldest nations in Europe. This is one of the most peaceful places and people here live for an average of 83 years to 84 years because of the least stress levels. If you are a peace lover and if you like a place which is so quiet, then this is the right choice.Greenland:
Greenland, Denmark is a peace loving city and has the least crime rate and ill-will towards foreigners is virtually unknown, as long as you follow the basic rules, common sense and etiquette.Seychelles:
Seychelles may be the only safest destination in Africa but you have to protect yourself from mosquitoes that carry lot of virus. Although there is low threat from terrorism, the tourists should still be careful about the random global terror attacks.St. Barthelemy:
St. Barthelemy is certainly the safest island in the Caribbean and it has virtually no crime rate at all (except the tiny thefts). You can walk around in this place at any time (night/day) without any fear as there are no muggers or robbers to hassle you. The roads in St. Barthelemy are very steep and narrow and one should be careful while driving around.Macau’s:
Macau has lots to offer all its tourists – exotic restaurants, the best resorts and lots of casinos that make the nightlife vibrant and interesting. It is a very safe place for all the tourists as the crime rate is as low as zero.New Zealand:
According to international standards, New Zealand is comparatively a safe country but not free of crime. However, like in any other place, the tourists must be cautious at nights and must spend more time in the well lit and crowded areas. If you are planning to travel far distance at night, it is better to take a taxi.Taiwan, Ireland, Japan, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland and Cyprus are also few of the safest destinations to travel. However, there is no certainty on the natural calamities or the unexpected disasters and one must be well prepared for all the uncertainties.