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Washington DC Travel Tips – Travel tips

Washington DC is a cultural mecca for those who love art, architecture, history and a classy environment. Being the capital of our great country this place has a lot to offer so it is important to properly organize your schedule before visiting such an inviting place.To quickly mention just a few of the places which are “a must see” we will quote the following:The Lincoln Memorial which is located at the west end of the National Mall (also a must see), this great landmark offers several view points of the city and it is highly regarded due to its profound historic value.The Vietnam veterans memorial which is also an important landmark which is meant to engrave in our memories the 58 thousand Americans which died or went missing during the tragic events of the Vietnam war.Washington’s National Cathedral which is open to worshipers of all denominations is the sixth largest cathedral in the world and due to its unique gothic architecture is quite an attraction which also offers great views of the surroundings.The National Air and Space Museum where all kinds of aircraft designs as well as the finished planes can be found, this is ‘a must’ if you have children who are big fans of planes. For those who are big fans of Star Trek, the original model of the “Enterprise” space ship can be explored.There are literally dozens of places which deserve to be quoted but since there are so many places to go to, you will definitively need a way to get around in style without having to rely on taxi cabs every time you want to see a different attraction, not to even mention that in the long run it will be expensive.For those who are planning to visit our nations capital, the best way to get around is by limousine. If you live in a place where limousine transportation is not that common don’t worry, Washington D.C. is an extremely classy place to be and it’s also the place where the White House is found, so it is not rare to see many people using Washington DC limo transportation to ride comfortably and in style, and if you think about it there are several advantages such as having a courteous and knowledgeable driver who knows his way around the city as well as the safety it represents not having to drive after a few drinks.Whether you are going for pleasure or if you were invited to a Wedding, are assisting a Convention or are traveling due to business you owe it to yourself to stop by some of the most beautiful and meaningful attractions Washington DC has, as well as enjoying of stylish transportation. Also, remember that when hiring a Washington DC limo service it is important to know whether these services will cover Multi-city transportation since not only Washington DC has great attractions but neighboring cities are also quite picturesque.

Travel Tips for Dog Owners – Travel tips

Summer means vacation time. Bringing Fido along on vacation can sometimes be more of a challenge than people expect. From deciding whether to take the family road trip or to be jet-setters, making plans for your canine companion is part of many people’s vacation planning. There are several options for your pets while you are taking a vacation, anywhere from leaving them at home to bringing them along.Should he stay or should he go?Depending on your dog’s health, temperament, where you will be going and the options for your pet there, you will need to plan for your pet during your vacation. There are many hotels and motels that are pet friendly, although some may charge a small (or not so small) fee for your dog staying with you in the room. If you are going to be taking a trip which most of your activities would be dog friendly, taking your dog along is a good option. However, if you are planning a second honeymoon or another type of trip that would involve leaving your dog alone in a strange room, looking for a trusted caregiver might be the best option for you.If you decide that your trip is not really in yours or your dog’s best interest, you can have your pet tended at a local kennel. (Make sure and do your homework about the kennel beforehand.) If your pet suffers from separation anxiety or is otherwise a nervous sort, you may want to hire a pet sitter or leave your dog with a trusted friend or family member. If you go with a pet sitter, this can be a person that comes and stays in your home with your pet or comes by several times per day to feed and walk your dog. Make sure to establish this routine for a few weeks ahead of time so that your dog will feel less anxious.If you decide to take your pet, it is advisable to have your pet travel without eating (hydration is important though). Using a dog crate designed for travel is important for your dog’s safety. The crate should be large enough for your dog to stand up and turn around in, and should be comfortable for your pet. Putting a favorite blanket and toy can ease the anxiety that your pet may feel while travelling. Small pets can often travel in the cabin of an airplane; check with your airline ahead of time.Whether you decide to take your pet or leave it at home, with the proper preparations the stress on your dog can be minimized. As the motto of the Scouts is “Always Be Prepared,” so does the smart pet owner at vacation time.

10 Adventure Activities Travel Tips – Travel tips

When it comes to adventure travel the destination should be as adventurous as the activities planned. After all most of us can sky dive, scuba dive or bungee jump at locations either local to us or relatively close by. So when you add adventurous destinations to your adventure activities you have created the ultimate adventure experience. Just remember that many of these activities are excluded from your standard travel insurance so a special adventure activities travel insurance policy may be needed to provide for necessary protections.Here are my recommendations for some of the top adventure destinations that include adventure activities.Scuba Diving in MyanmarFor the last half century this southeast Asian nation has been closed to outsiders. Now as it begins to open up you still have an opportunity to visit this land with its diverse cultures before the McDonalds, shopping malls and traffic choked highways arrive. The Mergui Archipelago remains relatively untouched by modern society and scuba diving here will allow you to observe pristine coral reefs and magnificent sea life in addition to the cultural wonders of Myanmar before the modern world arrives in full force.Bungee Jumping off Victoria Falls Bridge, ZambiaAt 111 metres above the Zambezi River the Victoria Falls Bridge is considered one of the best bungee jumping platforms in the world. When your heart settles back into your chest, try a walking safari or jet boat up to the base of the fabulous Victoria Falls. Don’t forget to speak to your travel insurance company about the adventure activities you plan on doing while in Zambia to make sure that your adventure activities travel insurance covers you sufficiently.Go Kite boarding in Fujian, ChinaWhile relatively new to China, the sport of Kite Boarding has been adopted by the people of Fujian in a big way. If you’re new to the sport instruction is available. Other great adventures in China include mountain trekking in Tibet’s autonomous region, although proponents of ethical tourism may wish to consider where they stand on this point.Hot Air Ballooning in KenyaOK so Kenya isn’t the great adventure it once was; it’s still pretty adventurous. The adrenaline levels for this trip can be bumped up a notch through a hot air balloon ride. Bump up the adrenaline even more and plan to go during the great migration in the dry season where millions of African migratory animals begin the move towards water. Check with a destination specialist to arrange for this experience. Want more adventure? Try a guided camping safari in the bush.Surf Oahu’s North Shore, HawaiiGranted, Hawaii isn’t that adventurous but if you’re a surfer; the north shore of Oahu is all the adventure you need.Climb Mount Everest in NepalEver since it was first conquered by Sir Edmund Hillary, Mount Everest has been attracting adventure seekers to challenge its slopes. I shudder to think what a decent adventure activities insurance policy would cost for this trip.Swim with Sharks in South AfricaWhile not that exotic a trip, your first face to face meeting with a 7 metre great white shark is bound to get your adrenaline going.Zip line in Cebu City, PhilippinesNot adventurous you say? This zip line launches from 473 feet atop the Crown Regency Hotel crossing over to an adjacent skyscraper.Rock Climbing in Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, ColoradoFrom the novice to the advanced rock climber, Garden of the Gods in Albuquerque offers a suitable challenge for every level. Need more adventure? Colorado offers some of the finest skiing in the United States.Sky Dive in GuamJump from a light plane high above the Micronesian Island of Guam. Just make sure you are fully covered by getting an adventure activities travel insurance!

Traveling Tips – How To Keep Your Luggage Secured – Travel tips

Lost luggage or stolen luggage can happen in different parts of the world. Your luggage encases your important belongings. You would not want to be left with nothing because your bag got lost or stolen.To keep your luggage secured, here some of the tips you would want to know:Tip 1: Choose a luggage bag with secure features. You would want to look for double zippers or locking mechanisms that will prevent other people from opening your bag unsuspectingly.Tip 2: Label all your belongings. Place an identification tag most especially to your checked luggage. Make sure you indicate your name and the destination of the bag. Just in case it got lost or it boarded another plane, the airline can easily rectify the blunder. Also leave contact details.Tip 3: Also place individual labels to the pouches or bags inside your main luggage. Experts also suggest printing out your travel itinerary and placing it inside the bag just in case the identification tag found outside gets misplaced. The airline can still trace the luggage easily.Tip 4: Upon checking your luggage out, do not leave it attended. When hailing a cab to take you to your hotel, ask uniformed employees of the airline to help you out. Do not trust someone to carry the bags unless they are really employed by the company or the hotel you are staying.Tip 5: Before traveling, arrange for a service car to pick you up at the airport. Most hotels offer this service to clients for an extra charge. This is convenient for those traveling with more than 2 luggage bags. It will be easier to keep track of your bags if you hired a service car rather than if you commute.Tip 6: Always keep the checked luggage receipt with you. This will serve as an additional proof for you. You can present this to the airline just in case you have a case of missing luggage.Tip 7: Get the customer service contact details of the Airline Company. List it in your planner or phonebook so you can easily call if there are any problems.Tip 8: The fewer bags you bring with you, the easier it is to keep track of them. Buy a good-sized bag that can accommodate your belongings during your stay in the place. Avoid bringing expensive items.Tip 9: Avoid wearing flashy jewelry when traveling. You could become the object of interest of local thieves.